Tangled Ever After (2012)

Tangled Ever After ReviewTangled Ever After Review

Tangled Ever After is a 2012 animated short film from Disney which serves as a sequel to ‘Tangled’.

Now I adore ‘Tangled’ and it is one of my favorite Disney flicks. However, this short disappointed me quite a bit mostly because it made the fatal mistake of having too much humor and the sidekicks take too much of runtime. So basically it takes all of the movie’s weaker elements without having those ingredients that made the film a classic. I found its action excessive and the humor is not as great as this type of comedy short flick definitely needed.

Now Tangled Ever After is still an okay film, do not get me wrong. I just felt that it was misguided. It was wonderful seeing Eugene and Rapunzel’s wedding and both looked great. The animation is definitely top-notch, exciting and bright. And that action is well executed, though not as fun or memorable. Some moments are quite funny in their silliness and I liked the ending, but I wished to have seen more of Pascal and less of Maximus as I like the chameleon more personally. But still, they are definitely a fun duo.

Tangled Ever After is a weaker sequel to a great movie with great animation, but an over-reliance on humor.

My Rating – 3.3

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