Puss ‘n Toots (1942)

Puss 'n TootsPuss ‘n Toots Review

Puss ‘n Toots is a 1942 animated short which is the sixth in Tom and Jerry filmography. And although very disappointing in its conclusion, it is still great up to that point.

Mammy gets a new female cat and Tom is instantly infatuated by her and tries to impress her. But he gets in a chase with Jerry instead. Now, this is an interesting example of a newly introduced character but done for better and for worse. Spike was introduced much better in ‘Dog Trouble‘. Toots is here a flawed character, cute and interesting for Tom, but still she ended up being underused unfortunately. That is most evident in the ending where she just doesn’t get to do anything and even doesn’t add anything to the table.

But the two are on the other hand great. This is probably the most violent short yet as the two really hit it on with some very hard punches and gags thrown in. And that was great as it was very funny but also a great exchange as both got a lot with Tom of course getting the most at the end. It also starts off pretty well and some action moments here are superb and quite memorable. The highlights were Jerry’s facial expressions in the first half and his signature walk in the end. The humor is good as is the animation and of course the music. It is just uneven a bit at times and, as for that racist scene, it is bad, but I forgive it as it was the forties.

Puss ‘n Toots is very uneven at times with a disappointing ending and underused character of Toots, but everything else here is superb including the chase sequences between the two, some very memorable moments and it is also the most violent short yet which is great.

My Rating – 4


Dog Trouble (1942)

Dog TroubleDog Trouble Review

Dog Trouble is a 1942 animated short that is the fifth in Tom and Jerry filmography. And although somewhat disappointing at first, it got a lot better later on.

It is rather disappointing plotwise in the first act with somewhat familiar and expected action on screen. However, it all changes once the two form an alliance against the dog. Yes, this is the first appearance of Spike the dog and one of the rare instances where the two protagonists unite with each other. That was so interesting and new and although it was done first and better in ‘The Night Before Christmas’, this pairing still has a lot going for it, especially the fact that they both unite in order to save themselves from Spike with some very entertaining and charming results.

The ending is also very satisfying with the two again forming a rivalry and the chase continues. It was a perfect finale. And both Tom and Jerry are excellent in Dog Trouble, both have their moments. And it is notable for having the first appearance of Spike who proves to be a solid foe for the two.

The animation is also good as is the score. The action was underwhelming at first, but it got better later on and the humor, while still lacking, is present with some fun parts to it.

Overall, Dog Trouble starts off in a weak manner, but it quickly gets better with a great and interesting partnership formed between the two and a really satisfying finale.

My Rating – 4.1


Fraidy Cat (1942)

Fraidy CatFraidy Cat Review

Fraidy Cat is a 1942 animated short which is the fourth in Tom and Jerry filmography. And although somewhat disappointing in the end, it still has its many moments.

It follows Jerry’s scaring of Tom with making ghost-like figures. Now, the beginning is absolutely hilarious and a perfect start for the film, but the ending disappointed me as it was typical with Mammy coming in to punish Tom. Everything before it was genius and new which is why that typical conclusion did not appeal to me.

But it is hilarious. The moment when Jerry laughs at him in the beginning is very funny, but the highlight is when Tom catches him and when he realizes what’s going on. That was the most hilarious and perfectly executed moment. And I also liked the introduction of the cat’s nine lives in a visually appealing scene.

Jerry is fantastic in Fraidy Cat with many funny moments and excellent body gestures. However, Tom is just in for the torture throughout the whole thing and I expected a lot more from him.

Fraidy Cat has many hilarious and well executed moments with the beginning being excellent and Jerry being very memorable, but the ending disappointed me and I wanted more from Tom which is why it had a lot more potential.

My Rating – 4


The Night Before Christmas (1941)

The Night Before Christmas

The Night Before Christmas Review

The Night Before Christmas is the third Tom and Jerry short and easily the finest of the three.

It is a standout film as it has a very different and authentic approach with the famous characters. The way Tom helped Jerry and let him in the house and unfroze him is really beautiful to watch and although weird and different, I like that it feels that way as it thus differentiates it from many other of their adventures. The first half is inferior to the second, but it is a very deftly edited cartoon with a lot to offer. The animation is fluid and the Christmas theme is really well handled with excellent incorporation of thematic music and decorations. And the finale is so incredibly sophisticated and filled with attention to detail and warmth that it becomes an instantly recognizable and memorable moment from the duo’s filmography.

The Night Before Christmas is wonderful, endearing and funny film that is easily one of Tom and Jerry’s best.


My Rating – 4.6


The Midnight Snack

The Midnight Snack

The Midnight Snack is the second Tom and Jerry cartoon and an evident improvement over ‘Puss Gets the Boot’. The dynamic here is much more fun and the highlight is the opening and all its parts where Tom eats from the refrigerator while Jerry is trapped. That whole part is phenomenal. And the ending is superb and a lot of fun. I like the score here as it so perfectly accompanies the action on screen, albeit a bit too emphasized. And the scene with Mammy hiking up numerous layers of her clothes upon seeing the mouse is just hilarious. The middle parts are not as good as beginning and end parts, but this is still a wonderful short filled with many fun gags, excellent score and a couple of truly memorable and funny scenes.

My Rating – 4.


Puss Gets the Boot (1940)

Puss Gets the Boot

Tom and Jerry

Puss Gets the Boot Review

The first ever Tom and Jerry short is quite remarkable especially having in mind it is the first and it perfectly introduces you to the characters for the first time. Although it has its flaws mainly the beginning which is very abrupt and just starts with action all of a sudden and the cup throwing sequence definitely goes on for too long, Puss Gets the Boot still has its terrific moments mainly the ending which is memorable and funny and also the scene where Mammy hits Tom with Jerry hysterically laughing is just hilarious and a perfect comedic gem of a moment. It still needs some work, but this is an often hilarious, very well animated and above all fun and charming flick with a bunch of their signature mean-spirited jokes.

My Rating – 4