The Organ Grinder (1933)

The Organ Grinder ReviewThe Organ Grinder Review

 The Organ Grinder is a 1933 animated short film from the Merry Melodies series. It is a weak film that benefits from some great parts in it.

Now this one has such a weak plot and scenario as we basically follow a monkey fooling around. That’s it, there is nothing more than that here. So predictable and typical. I found the monkey to be okay, but ultimately not as memorable as he should have been and the entire film, although it has its good scenes, most come in the second half with the first one being sorely lacking.

I liked the third act in particular. The action there was good, if not the greatest and I liked how the movie ended. But the score is the best aspect here along with pretty good animation and I just loved that they used 42nd Street as it is one of my favorite 1930s songs. That was wonderful.

The Organ Grinder has a good score and animation, buy typical and lazy storytelling and action.

 My Rating – 3.4