Olaf’s Frozen Adventure (2017)

Olaf's Frozen Adventure ReviewOlaf’s Frozen Adventure Review

Olaf’s Frozen Adventure is a 2017 animated short film which ended up being a television special. It is a second ‘Frozen’ short.

So the film is basically just one giant celebration and promotion of Christmas and the holidays which is done for better and for worse. It was obviously commercialized, but still very charming. Elsa and Anna do not have a family tradition and it is up to Olaf to find one but he gets lost and they have to find him. Eventually they realize that he is their family tradition. Yes, this is a very sugar-coated children’s film which is particularly cloying in its third act.

But I still liked the emphasis on Olaf as he was very endearing here. Elsa and Anna are okay but not too present. Sven actually stole the show for me as he was hilarious. Kristoff is solid and this duo is very amusing, but Sven in particular is hilarious in the scene where he tries to explain to him that Olaf is in danger. The animation is excellent and definitely theater-worthy. I loved its attention to detail and colorful approach. But the score is only medium and its songs are for the most part very forgettable and typical with only That Time of Year being even remotely memorable.

Olaf’s Frozen Adventure is cloying, commercialized and with a weak soundtrack, but great animation and some funny and charming scenes leading to a solid film which is an improvement over ‘Frozen Fever’.

My Rating – 3.3


Ryan (2004)

Ryan ReviewRyan Review

Ryan is a 2004 Canadian Oscar winning animated short film directed by Chris Landreth. It is a bad film.

This is the kind of drug-oriented films which I just dislike tremendously. It is only intended to appeal to people who had these issues and to me it is thus very annoying. The film is your regular documentary about a Canadian animator Ryan Larkin and is basically a typical documentary with nothing interesting happening in it. It bored me quite a lot.

Of course its approach and animation are original, but I still did not like this animation as it feels ridiculous and too odd and unappealing. It is fitting to the subject matter I guess, but it still doesn’t change the fact that it looks bad. I also disliked its narration and dialogue quite a bit. Even if the film is to some technically innovative, the fact remains that it’s very problematic in terms of storytelling and dialogue.

Ryan is such an undeserved, poor Oscar winner with unappealing animation, dialogue and approach.

My Rating – 2


Fresh Fish (1939)

Fresh Fish ReviewFresh Fish Review

Fresh Fish is a 1939 animated short film from the Merry Melodies series. It is a weak short.

It is one of those Merry Melodies where we have a narrator who explains stuff and we are to be acquainted with a culture or this time around a setting which is the sea. The film showcases life of the fish and it follows various groups of fish with the only highlight being that fish teacher with the rest being all boring and forgettable.

The narration is okay and not too annoying. The animation is definitely solid with pretty good character design. But the score is forgettable and the film fails when it comes to humor and action as it is boring and never at all funny as it has no gags whatsoever. It is an old-fashioned Merry Melody with all that comes with it.

Fresh Fish is one of those narrated Merry Melodies which are okay, but dated and not particularly entertaining.

My Rating – 3.3


Pied Piper Porky (1939)

Pied Piper Porky ReviewPied Piper Porky Review

Pied Piper Porky is a 1939 animated short film from the Looney Tunes series. It is a very strong short.

Porky here is the Pied Piper, but the film actually happens after that famous story which was a nice, really fresh idea I liked a lot. He gets tormented by a mouse and then calls a cat to help him with the mouse but with no results. In my opinion, Looney Tunes entries are getting very problematic in their insistence to use the character of Porky Pig. If they use him, let him have a bigger role, but here once again he gets to have a very small impact on the story which was unfortunate.

Pied Piper Porky is nonetheless one of the strongest Looney Tunes of the late 30s mainly because of that mouse who is absolutely hilarious. His line about the trap stole the show as it was perfectly delivered and so funny, but the ending is also memorable and incredibly dark. The cat fearing the mouse was also quite funny. There are a lot of quality gags here and the mix of Tom and Jerry with the series’ crazy antics worked in its favor.

Pied Piper Porky needed more Porky as he is useless here, but the film is hilarious with a lot of terrific and such funny moments.

My Rating – 4.2


The Whoopee Party (1932)

The Whoopee Party ReviewThe Whoopee Party Review

The Whoopee Party is a 1932 Mickey Mouse cartoon. It is a weaker entry.

Mickey is having a party in which he and the others are preparing a meal while Minnie is playing the piano. Naturally this particular setup I’ve seen many times before which is why this film is immensely rehashed and disappointing. It is another boring all-musical short with no plot and or almost no gags at all which is troublesome as I thought they were finally moving in the right direction with more plot.

There is however one great thing about this movie and that is of course Goofy. He is phenomenal and so funny here. He appears in the last act of the film and is his typical crazy, laughing lunatic and I loved that part just because of him. I want more Goofy in the near future and I hope that actually happens.

The Whoopee Party’s ending with Goofy steals the show, but the rest of the cartoon is your typical, traditional, plotless musical.

My Rating – 3.4


The Good Egg (1939)

The Good Egg ReviewThe Good Egg Review

The Good Egg is a 1939 animated short film from the Merry Melodies series. It is an endearing short.

The hen is childless and cannot hatch until it finally hatches a turtle with a beak who eventually becomes a life guard of all the little chicken. In my opinion, this film is obviously Warner Bros. attempt at ‘The Ugly Duckling’ and it is infinitely worse than that classic. It is overly Disney-like in style and execution and it has no gags whatsoever.

But I could not deny its sweetness. The animation and score are solid but the highlight is that wonderful turtle and the ending which is very sweet and immensely heartwarming. The beginning is also quite sad with the childless hen. The middle parts were lacking, but the rest was pretty solid.

The Good Egg is sort of like a Disney cartoon – an endearing, cute cartoon which is sweet, but lacking in gags and originality.

My Rating – 4.2


The Little Lion Hunter (1939)

The Little Lion Hunter ReviewThe Little Lion Hunter Review

The Little Lion Hunter is a 1939 animated short film from the Merry Melodies series. It is a phenomenal short.

This is the first film starring Inki and Mynah bird. Inki is a black boy who explores the wilderness and gets in trouble with the lion. Mynah bird is this very odd, voiceless, mysterious bird who eventually rescues him from the lion but kicks him in the butt in that hilarious end gag. The film is great for featuring very memorable characters. I liked the lion and Inki is very cute and endearing though obviously caricatured.

But obviously the bird is the highlight as such a mysterious, very intriguing and memorable presence. Great character design as well. I loved this bird so much. The cartoon is a bit slow at first, but pleasantly atmospheric, very well scored and with some fun antics and memorable action. It truly is the most original Merry Melody in quite a while, maybe even the most original so far.

The Little Lion Hunter is a very authentic, intriguing short with unforgettable, mysterious Mynah bird and a fantastic ending.

My Rating – 4.2


Trader Mickey (1932)

Trader Mickey ReviewTrader Mickey Review

Trader Mickey is a 1932 Mickey Mouse cartoon. It is a very weak entry.

This film is very backwards in its thinking and in its approach. Not old-fashioned but backwards. Not only is the entire cartoon basically one giant song and dance number and I thought we were done with them by now, but the cannibals are also portrayed as gorillas in a very racist, caricaturist look.

There is no denying that Trader Mickey is energetic and lively. It is. The film is also accompanied by fun music. But that is basically it when it comes to the good stuff, the rest is all bad. The animation is not all that great and the story and gags are literally non-existent. It’s a film that is boring from the beginning to the ending and pretty dated.

Trader Mickey would have been very solid as a 1930 Mickey Mouse entry, but as a 1932 film it is very weak and dated.

My Rating – 3


Naughty Neighbors (1939)

Naughty Neighbors ReviewNaughty Neighbors Review

Naughty Neighbors is a 1939 animated short film from the Looney Tunes series. It is an okay short.

This is basically a remake of ‘A Feud There Was’ which was a Hatfield-McCoy short from the previous year. Both are of very similar quality, but I would honestly give a slight edge to this one as it is more original and different. However, it is still filled with a lot of problems. The cat milk gag is great, but rehashed. The humor here is very rare and only the third act is somewhat amusing. I also found that song in the beginning weak.

But the short is memorable for being cute and romantic at first and then suddenly going into war, violent and fighting territory. The shift is abrupt and interesting making the cartoon very entertaining and crazy which are the usual best qualities for a Looney Tunes cartoon. In that area it succeeds quite a bit, but still it is very uneven.

Naughty Neighbors lacks great gags, but is overall well structured and its shift from romantic to violent is a lot of fun.

My Rating – 3.5


Jeepers Creepers (1939)

Jeepers Creepers ReviewJeepers Creepers Review

Jeepers Creepers is a 1939 animated short film from the Looney Tunes series. It is a very good short.

This is the kind of atmospheric horror, haunted house film that Warner Bros. should make often. So Porky Pig is a hero here. He plays a police officer who has to go into a spooky house to investigate. There the playful ghost awaits to make fun of him. It’s a great premise, but the execution isn’t the greatest as the last gag is typically racist with an annoying black face and the overall film should have been much funnier.

But I still liked it and the ghost is pretty amusing and so well designed. Porky is very memorable here and it was very entertaining watching him get scared by the ghost. The highlights are actually the scenes before he even arrived in the house because they were perfectly slow, noir-like, atmospheric and wonderfully animated with gorgeous black and white animation and great imagery.

Jeepers Creepers definitely needed more laughs, but it is wonderfully animated and atmospheric.

My Rating – 4