Red’s Dream

                                                    Red Dream Review

Red's DreamRed’s Dream is Pixar’s third film which is about an unhappy unicycle who dreams of a better place. This is an awesome short filled with such sadness and poignancy that it can be quite devastating. The story is wonderfully told with a great dream sequence and an incredible ending that surprised me with its dark and unhappy nature. It is such a powerful and incredibly sad film that can make some cry how moving it is. So powerful and endearing.

It is a more character-oriented film as well which is excellent as it is the first Pixar film to do that. Our protagonist here is so well animated and portrayed that you can feel his pain both in the film’s music and the character expressions which is all the more effective having in mind that it is unicycle, but they pulled it off.

Speaking of animation, it is terrific. It aged wonderfully, the character expressions are beautiful to behold and such an accomplishment and the dark colors perfectly fit with its sad tone. It is not as well animated as ‘Luxo Jr.’, but it is in all other aspects a much better film and it is such a shame that not many people realize that.

Red’s Dream is a moving and devastating film filled with excellent character animation and moving score and it is without a doubt one of the very best and most underrated Pixar short films.

My Rating – 4.6