Mother Goose Goes Hollywood (1938)

Mother Goose Goes HollywoodMother Goose Goes Hollywood Review

Mother Goose Goes Hollywood is a 1938 Disney animated short film and one of the funniest and most purely entertaining Silly Symphonies.

This film is such an anomaly in the Silly Symphonies canon. Not only is it pure comedy, but also an adult short that only adults can enjoy. And I loved this experiment and it made me laugh many times as it is simply hilarious. The only flaw here is that the movie doesn’t have a plot, but is just a constant joke after joke. But the jokes most of the time do hit which is great.

It caricatures the famous actors and actresses of the time and the two that made me laugh the most definitely have to be Katharine Hepburn and Greta Garbo. They nailed Hepburn’s accent and delivery to the point that I was wondering if she herself was really doing the voice acting! That was hysterical. Garbo’s famous line is also lampooned and that was such a funny scene perfectly executed. Charles Laughton is also well used and Fred Astaire is so well animated. The animation is spectacular here with the character design being absolutely terrific. They brought all of these actors wonderfully to life and they all are very reminiscent of their real appearances. This is such a crazy little film that is also incredibly energetic and always amusing. I loved it a lot and to me it is one of the most entertaining and mature Silly Symphonies. As I am a big fan of 1930s cinema, I got most of these jokes and loved what they did with the actors.

Mother Goose Goes Hollywood is an immensely enjoyable and simply hilarious movie filled with such a good humor, wonderful voice acting and impeccably realized actors.

My Rating – 4.6