Summer (1930)

Summer ReviewSummer Review

 Summer is a 1930 Disney short film in the Silly Symphony series. It is a typical seasonal short.

As a sequel to the previous year’s ‘Springtime‘, Summer fails as it is nowhere near as good. To me the musical score here is quite solid and fun and the animation is pretty good for its time. Some moments were memorable and the film utilizes on the season somewhat well as we witness bees, frogs and other animals that thrive during summer.

But it is very light on gags as the film is never as comedic as it should have been. The dance sequences are expectedly overdrawn and somewhat dull and the film is too short and not particularly eventful during its runtime. And more animals should have been used for sure. I guess the film is solid for its time, but it’s a typical early Silly Symphony nonetheless.

Summer is solid and well scored, but forgettable and definitely not as good as its predecessor.

 My Rating Р3.3

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