Sufferin’ Cats! (1943)

Sufferin' Cats!Sufferin’ Cats! Review

Sufferin’ Cats! is a 1943 animated short that is the ninth in Tom and Jerry filmography. It is one of the best entries yet.

This short introduces a new cat character and the two cats fight with each other over Jerry through most of the running time. This is one of the most purely entertaining and most violent shorts yet. The gags here are superb and although the tail gag is used too often at this point, most of the other gags are super funny and mean. The beginning was overlong and not as interesting which is the same problem that ‘Fine Feathered Friend’ had, but comparing it with that cartoon, it is almost as good which is certainly a high praise as I loved that one.

This is the film where they incorporated a new character very successfully. Meathead is just phenomenal and the fights between him and Tom are great. It is also interesting how, unlike Toots in ‘Puss ‘n Toots’, Meathead is of similar looks as Tom, very tall and with similar features, but different colors. I appreciated that a lot along with the fact that he is used quite properly and is a very memorable character. I hope I’ll see more of him in the future.

But our main duo is also excellent here with a lot of memorable moments. The finale is absolutely hysterical and so satisfying whereas Tom’s yelps are hilarious here. It is funny many times and so mean and violent with a lot of great action. And I also liked the devil part very much.

Sufferin’ Cats! is one of the finest Tom and Jerry flicks yet with very satisfying gags, hilarious finale and a great introduction of new character Meathead.

My Rating – 4.4

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