Springtime for Thomas (1946)

Springtime for ThomasSpringtime for Thomas Review

Springtime for Thomas is a 1946 animated short which is the 23rd of Tom and Jerry shorts. It is a phenomenal entry that is one of the better ones for sure.

Jerry wants to play with Tom, but the cat is fascinated with Toodles Galore who is sunbathing outside. Jerry then calls Butch for help and the two cats fight for the female cat’s attention. It is a great character study as the relationship between the two is so fantastic and most evident in Jerry’s need for Tom. Butch is also really good and Toodles is a typical creation, but a good plot device.

The movie is too sexual and the ending is typical, but it is filled with really superb fight sequences that are all incredibly inventive and filled with imaginative scenarios. It is also wonderfully animated and very well scored with also the voice cast doing an admittedly fine job. The sounds of yelps are funny and the movie is hilarious many times. It is one of the funnier shorts from the duo and it features one of their best action moments. It isn’t one of the best, but it is definitely one of the better Tom and Jerry shorts.

Springtime for Thomas is such an entertaining flick filled with excellent character moments, superb fight sequences and great animation and voice acting.

My Rating – 4.3

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