South Park Season 6 (2002)

South Park Season 6

South Park Season 6 Review

The sixth season of South Park is a slight disappointment when compared to the fifth season, but it is still very good with its fair share of truly classic and hilarious episodes.

Jared Has Aides is not a standout episode because it can get too repetitive. But it is still really good for its attitude towards AIDS and the ending especially is memorable. But Asspen is one of the most underrated episodes and the one that I just recently have started to appreciate more. This is the kind of stuff Trey Parker and Matt Stone are famous for. They take a concept, mash it together to make two different plots and fill it with countless jokes as well as social commentary. It perfectly makes fun of shareholding and although that storyline can get a bit too repetitive, it is still superb. But their parody on stupid and cliched sports movies takes the cake there as it is so hilarious. But among all those commentaries, the episode still finds the time for Cartman to make fun of Butters which is super funny and Stan is also great here.

Freak Strike is another classic episode. It is absolutely fantastic both for Butters and Cartman who is a standout when he dresses in drag. It perfectly wrapped up and it is one of the funniest parts of this season without a doubt thanks to some terrific Cartman lines. Fun with Veal is also a message story and it is very good, especially for Stan and once again Cartman. As for The New Terrance and Phillip Movie Trailer, it is one of the worse episodes here as it is too repetitive and rarely hilarious. But it still has a satisfying conclusion and their take on Russell Crowe is rather amusing.

Coming up next is one of the best duologies ever for the series. This is probably the part that established the character of Butters the most and he is just hilarious and simply a standout. Professor Chaos perfectly makes fun of him and the superhero genre while also having a great subplot with boys trying to find another replacement friend for Kenny. Simpsons Already Did It is not as good as its predecessor, but it is still a fine conclusion to the two terrific plots.

Red Hot Catholic Love is probably the highlight of this season. It is one of the funniest but also one of the most brutal episodes ever for South Park. It perfectly explores the child molestations in churches with the priests being absolutely hilarious, but Cartman’s story is maybe even better and it is another proof that the creators are the best at showing the ridiculous extreme lengths to which people are willing to go.

Free Hat is a very good episode, but not a fantastic one. It greatly makes fun of Steven Spielberg and George Lucas and the theme of ruining the classics is also very well handled, but the two directors will still get a better episode later on. It is more entertaining in its other subplot. As for Bebe’s Boobs Destroy Society, that is absolutely terrific. It wonderfully talks about men’s’ obsession with breasts as well as showing the troubles pretty girls face regularly. But it has some indescribably funny sequences, especially with the scene in which Wendy gets implants. That scene once again highlights the perfect time the two have making fun of doctors.

Child Abduction Is Not Funny is a very good episode, but it is again more of a social commentary than an actual laughter-inducing time. But this is still the best part Lu Kim will ever get. A Ladder to Heaven has it all – despicable nature of the protagonists, parodying celebrities and the scenes regarding the Japanese and Saddam are the funniest. But it is again the funniest when showing how stupid adults can be which just goes to show that is the best vehicle for Trey Parker and Matt Stone.

The Return of the Fellowship of the Ring to the Two Towers perfectly shows the children’s innocence and the parts with the adults’ talk about porn is hilarious. It is unfortunate that they got rid of the children’s innocent nature in later seasons as it lends to so much humor here.

The Death Camp of Tolerance is one of the classics. It is a refreshing return of Mr. Garrison and it is a shame he wasn’t around this season. It perfectly introduces us to Mr. Slave. And it is a great social commentary on tolerance.

The Biggest Douche in the Universe is another standout thanks to a wonderful parody of psychics and the stupid people who believe in those things. That just provided some incredibly funny lines. It is probably the episode that made me laugh the most and I also appreciate how they worked in the aliens in this sort of story. That is so authentic an approach.

My Future Self n’ Me is maybe even better than the previous episode. It is again a superb commentary, but it has some extraordinary sequences that are just hilarious and this part is so original once again with Butters also being really good.

As for Red Sleigh Down, it is the final and the weakest episode in this sixth season. It is hilarious when Jesus and Santa are on screen, but it is otherwise a boring episode that diminishes the impact of the whole season somehow. But it is funny when Kenny returned in the end and I am happy that they brought him back.

Overall, this season focused more on social commentary than just pure laughter and hilarious scenarios. That is not the greatest approach as some episodes are not as funny and this season is inferior to the last, but when they mixed pop-culture references and character moments with that commentary, that provided many laugh-out-loud moments. This is once again a Cartman-centric episode done at the expense of the other characters. But Butters is here established the most with a couple of extraordinary episodes revolving around him. It is a very good season with its fair share of hilarious and classic episodes with some even deserving to be on the top ten lists.

Worst Episodes: The New Terrance and Phillip Movie Trailer and Red Sleigh Down.

Best Episodes: Asspen, Freak Strike, Professor Chaos, Red Hot Catholic Love, The Death Camp of Tolerance and My Future Self n’ Me.

My Rating – 4.5


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