South Park Season 11 (2007)

South Park Season 11South Park Season 11 Review

The eleventh season of South Park is another great season with many fantastic episodes and a fair share of memorable classics.

With Apologies to Jesse Jackson isn’t the greatest episode. It is very relevant and incredibly smart and sophisticated in exploring the word nigger and its impact, but that word is still repeated far too much and the entire episode is a bit repetitive from time to time. Randy is excellent here and the beginning alone is priceless, but it isn’t a great episode. Very good, but not great.

Cartman Sucks is absolutely fantastic and the season’s first truly phenomenal episode. What I loved about it is its perfect mix of socially conscious subject matter that is very well explored here and they have a great message and the simplest hilarity that ensues with Cartman being hysterical this time around. The beginning is just brilliant and the ending is also pretty fantastic. But it is Cartman’s facial expressions and some funny lines that make this episode a classic.

I really enjoyed Lice Capades. It isn’t the funniest part, but what it lacks in humor, it more than compensates with such an original and truly fantastic setting and interesting main characters. It has a great world building and the ending with Angelina Jolie being ridiculed is so funny. But ‘The Thing’ is also greatly parodied here with Cartman of course and some scenarios with the lice and their post-apocalyptic setting are wonderfully done.

The Snuke is too political. I loved everything that they did with Hilary Clinton and the endless repeating of that sentence made it hilarious instead of repetitive because it was that good in the first place. Cartman’s racism provided many amusing moments throughout The Snuke, but it is too political and too action-packed in my opinion to be enjoyed even more.

Fantastic Easter Special ridicules Easter in such a ridiculous, but still clever way. Randy is naturally the highlight here, but this whole plot is so silly and ridiculous in the best South Park way possible. Jesus has this crazy ninja moment here in a scene that is one of the best of all time in my opinion, so instantly recognizable and so hilarious. It is a typical South Park episode, but in the best and most entertaining way possible.

D-Yikes! is a masterpiece! It has possibly the best use of Garrison ever and that is really saying a lot. His whole journey from a closeted to openly gay man to a trans woman to a lesbian and then man again is so crazy and wonderfully entertaining and that wild sexuality of his produces the most laughs in this particular episode. The way D-Yikes! ridicules Persians and lesbians alike is ingenious and the scissoring jokes as well as the scene in which Garrison explains that he’s now a lesbian first to a class then to mayor is just priceless and unbelievably funny. It just might be one of my top ten favorite episodes of South Park ever.

I changed my mind upon the third viewing of Night of the Living Homeless. I really wasn’t a fan of it before and I still think it is far from great, but it is still such a fun episode with the homeless people being depicted as zombies being one of the smartest things the creators did in this season. Gerald and Randy are so funny here and that line about change is so funny and memorable.

Le Petit Tourette isn’t the best episode of its type, but it still produces a handful of terrific Cartman moments. The illness is so well explored and put to use and the conflict that Cartman finds himself in later on is so interesting. But the scenes of pedophiles shooting themselves are so funny and despite being repetitive, they are some of the highlights here.

More Crap is an absolute classic! Yes, it is disgusting and definitely too harsh towards Bono, but he is still one of the most memorable and best spoofed celebrities on this show. Randy is so good here and that exploration of male fascination with disgusting things is very well explored here along with producing many absolutely fantastic and hilarious scenarios. It is one of the best and most brutal South Park episodes of all time.

The Imaginationland trilogy is naturally a classic and one of the best trilogies there is. It benefits from some strong world building, an excellent use of many different characters and a perfect story mixed with a wonderful message as well. Imaginationland Episode I starts off the trilogy wonderfully and in a slow, but intriguing pace. This whole trilogy works as one movie which is fascinating. The highlight here is the scene where the directors are parodied with Shyamalan and Michael Bay being ridiculed in such a funny and satisfying manner.

Imaginationland Episode II has some terrific Pentagon scenes, but it also saw the return of Woodland Critters and they are as delightfully twisted and evil as ever. Al Gore is also here and his ManBearPig and that was also incredibly satisfying along with seeing countless of familiar made-up characters. Aslan in particular is really good.

Imaginationland Episode III has a great use of Butters and I loved the fact that he was the hero here and that white sequence is so unique. But Cartman’s mission which includes Kyle sucking his balls comes to a close here and ends in such a phenomenal and clever scene. The whole trilogy is wonderful and incredibly entertaining and of course appropriately imaginative.

Guitar Queer-O makes fun of the Guitar Hero game wonderfully. The whole parody of those sports movie clich√©s has been done before on the show, but they did it again with style and although it didn’t produce quite as many laughs, it is still a very good episode with a particularly good ending scene.

The List puts the girls of the school to use for a change and it was a refreshing change in pace. But the whole premise is absolutely amazing and leads to many laugh-out-loud moments with Clyde, Lincoln and of course Cartman and Butters getting the best parts. It is a great episode because it is just fun, no parody or politics here. But it still puts a great message near the end which was awesome.

South Park Season 11 has a couple of flawed episodes, but not one of them is bad which is a huge accomplishment. Randy, Cartman and Garrison are once again the highlights here, but this season also saw the return of some previous side characters and it also saw some great world building with many intriguing and imaginative episodes. It is yet another admirably strong season with many classics.

Worst Episodes: With Apologies to Jesse Jackman, Lice Capades and The Snuke.
Best Episodes: Cartman Sucks, D-Yikes!, More Crap, The List and the Imaginationland trilogy.

My Rating – 4.8

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