Frolicking Fish (1930)

Frolicking FishFrolicking Fish Review

Frolicking Fish is a 1930 Disney animated short film. It is a typical early Silly Symphony – uneventful and forgettable.

This is, as I said, a typical early Silly Symphony where the plot is non-existent and nothing ever really happens. There is just a lot of dancing to be had here. And although the dances are good and the music is catchy and accompanies the animation well, it is still too repetitive with often overlong acts. And the characters aren’t memorable at all, but the character design is okay.

The animation is definitely solid and technically groundbreaking for its overlapping action, but is never particularly inspired. The music is well used and incorporated and the film, although repetitive and slight stuff, is still mildly entertaining and it has an eventful ending with a memorable finale. But the whole flick is just too forgettable and doesn’t differentiate itself from other Silly Symphonies of the time, though it does use its setting rather well.

Frolicking Fish is a typical early Silly Symphony with too much action and not enough story. But the music is well incorporated and the film is certainly an okay, albeit slight diversion.

My Rating – 3

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