Night (1930)

Night ReviewNight Review

 Night is a 1930 Disney animated short film. It is a typical early Silly Symphony.

I liked Night, but I still found it to be not particularly memorable, although better than most of its contemporaries. Basically there is no plot here as we just follow various animals and what they do during nighttime. I loved that it used a great composition and in fact it incorporated really well the sound and score into the movements of the characters, but the dances were still clichéd.

I liked the bugs and how they glowed, that was well animated. I liked the animation overall as it felt really pleasant and they fittingly brought the feeling and tone of night really well. But the last segment with the frogs was just so disappointing. A male frog woos the female and then they dance on lily pads until falling into the waterfall. That final punch line was expected and really not a great way to close the film.

Night has its moments, is well scored and animated, but it is still typical in its dances and it ends poorly.

 My Rating – 3.3

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