The Bird Store (1932)

The Bird Store ReviewThe Bird Store Review

 The Bird Store is a 1932 Silly Symphony animated short film by Disney. It is one of the better entries of its time.

I really liked this Silly Symphony. Yes, it does start very slow and it’s filled with those repetitive musical movements, but what differentiates it from others of its time is definitely its second half which is very different from the first one. The film suddenly got substance there and it was very engaging and charming to watch.

When the cat bursts into the store and tries to catch a small bird, the other birds organize a rescue mission for the little one. That was very heartwarming, albeit totally unrealistic. I mention realism because the film is apparently quite realistic before that counterattack as the birds are portrayed to be quite clueless (that bird exploring doesn’t know anything about the objects surrounding him) and also music oriented (the bird parents teaching their little one how to sing is such a sweet scene). The animation of the cat is once again dated and odd looking, but the animation of the birds is excellent and I just loved that Marx brothers reference which was very funny.

The Bird Store is typical in its first half, but very good in its second half while also being very well animated and heartwarming.

 My Rating – 3.8

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