More Kittens (1936)

More Kittens More Kittens Review

More Kittens is a 1936 Disney short film in the Silly Symphony series and although it has its moments, it is still one of the weakest entries.

This short film is the sequel to ‘Three Orphan Kittens‘ and of course it is very inferior. I wasn’t such a big fan of the original at the first place and here they just repeat the formula and instead of the house, the kittens are now playing outside. Of course the plot is formulaic as is the movie’s title. But the scenarios with the other animals are just not that interesting as they should have been. And the running time is overblown for this type of film.

But it does have cute animals and good animation along with some nice sound editing. The reason why this film is a passable diversion and an okay short after all lies in the ending which is just immensely enjoyable and lifts the whole flick to a more memorable, more heartwarming territory. The relationship between the kittens and the dog is sweet and that finale is just gorgeous. But it is unfortunate that the entire movie that came before it is so forgettable.

More Kittens is a typical sequel with a forgettable plot, but at least it has some good moments with the ending being adorable.

My Rating – 3

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