Arctic Antics (1930)

Arctic Antics ReviewArctic Antics Review

Arctic Antics is a 1930 Disney animated short film. It is a clichéd early Silly Symphony – forgettable and dull.

Arctic Antics is far from a bad movie as it does have a pretty solid use of music with some fine musical cues and a good animation. I particularly liked the character designs as I found them to be an improvement over the previous Silly Symphonies. All of the animals looked cute.

However, the film is so slight to the point of being ridiculous. Nothing ever happens here and this is just an excuse to have animals and music together with no plot or characterization whatsoever. It is fun at first with its interesting polar setting, but it quickly gets tedious and repetitive with dull dance sequences. Overall, it isn’t bad, but it is one of the most forgettable entries in the series for sure.

Arctic Antics is well animated, but so forgettable and basically has a non-existent plot and characterization.

My Rating – 3

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