The Flying Mouse (1934)

The Flying Mouse ReviewThe Flying Mouse Review

 The Flying Mouse is a 1934 Disney animated short film that is one of the finest Silly Symphonies of the time.

I absolutely loved this Silly Symphony. It is easily one of the best entries in the series as it represents everything I like the most about it – a film with great animation, good score, but most importantly filled with a wonderful, important message for children. And truly the message here resonates a lot. The mouse wants to fly and is granted that wish after saving a fairy butterfly, but eventually learns that he doesn’t fit in with either his family mice or other flying creatures such as birds and rats. And of course he gets to be the mouse again in a moving finale.

That message that you should respect who you are is excellent for children and it is a great warning about nature and how you can’t fight it. And the film is otherwise strong as well. The only problem here is that there are some scenes that feature recycled animation from previous Silly Symphonies. But other than that, it is mostly a very consistent film that is over nine minutes long but never feels overlong and it is beautifully animated as well with great character designs and some really cool backgrounds. The score is also terrific.

The Flying Mouse is a Silly Symphony that succeeds in spades with a terrific message, great animation, superb plot and a very moving ending.

 My Rating – 4.6

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