Midnight in a Toy Shop (1930)

Midnight in a Toy Shop ReviewMidnight in a Toy Shop Review

Midnight in a Toy Shop is a 1930 Disney Silly Symphony film. It is such a typical for the time entry.

The spider wanders into the toy shop and starts to explore it, but is scared by the toys in the dark. Here we get another dance cartoon with dance sequences taking over the entire affair for too much of its running time. And needless to say, it was very boring to witness, only further affected by a pretty long running time. The premise is also typical, albeit the setting of a toy shop is intriguing and it had promise.

The spider in Midnight in a Toy Shop is the one which was later used in ‘Egyptian Melodies‘ which is a much better film than this one. I find the character designs to be too simplistic and definitely a product of its time, but what differentiates this from other silly Symphonies of the time such as for example ‘Frolicking Fish’ is an overall more polished animation meaning better movements and very well animated backgrounds.

Midnight in a Toy Shop is technically quite solid, but it’s sorely lacking in substance as it is again a dance obsessed cartoon typical of its time.

 My Rating – 3.1

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