Mother Goose Melodies (1931)

Mother Goose Melodies ReviewMother Goose Melodies Review

 Mother Goose Melodies is a 1931 Disney Silly Symphony film. It’s a solid and sometimes inspired entry.

Mother Goose Melodies is a short that’s better than most of the other Silly Symphonies of the time, but it’s still flawed. It features various nursery rhyme characters and although their inclusion was interesting, only King Cole is even remotely memorable here. I just wish that the others were utilized as well as he was.

The film is again filled with song and dance sequences and that could get tiresome, especially its willingness for going into repetitive territory with some action which was quite annoying. But it is nonetheless so well animated and it is one of the best animated black-and-white Silly Symphonies for sure. Some moments here are pretty much inspired and I wish that the whole short was like that.

Mother Good Melodies is really well animated and an interesting experiment, but the one that is still too repetitive and musically oriented.

 My Rating – 3.4

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