The Merry Dwarfs (1929)

The Merry Dwarfs ReviewThe Merry Dwarfs Review

 The Merry Dwarfs is a 1929 Disney short film in the Silly Symphony series. It is one of the weakest Silly Symphonies for sure.

There is little to enjoy in The Merry Dwarfs, a film that is representative of everything that was wrong with the earliest entries in the series – an overabundance of music and ugly character designs. And sure enough, the dwarfs’ look is rather unpleasant and the music is very annoying. The dance sequences here last for way too long and are just so repetitive and consist of basically the same movements repeated over and over again.

However, even the weakest Silly Symphonies are not bad and this one is no exception. The ending is pretty nice and the entire film has its charm. What is the best aspect in it has to be the animation (besides the character design) as the backgrounds in particular look simplistic, but very endearing and pleasant to look at. It is a somewhat charming and endearing film, but way too slight.

The Merry Dwarfs has its charm, but is way too repetitive, slight and weak otherwise.

 My Rating – 3

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