Water Babies (1935)

Water Babies ReviewWater Babies Review

Water Babies is a 1935 Disney Silly Symphony film that is visually arresting, but typically lacking in terms of storytelling.

Yes, Water Babies is pretty much representative of the majority of Silly Symphonies in that the story is weak, but the craft is definitely there. There isn’t much to it thematically or plotwise as we basically watch toddlers play around and swim before going to sleep. And although it isn’t boring and it is pretty charming, it is too slight in terms of substance.

But the animation here is absolutely gorgeous. It just might be one of the best animated entries of the time as the children are so adorable, the scenery is so lush and everything is polished and pleasing to look at. But the beginning and especially the ending are the highlights. When they go back to sleep in their water lilies and the music swoons in, it is just such a special scene that hugely benefits from an almost artistic animation to it and such a terrific, moving score.

Water Babies is lacking storywise, but is strong in terms of animation and score as both are so good.

My Rating – 3.5

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