Hell’s Bells (1929)

Hell's Bells ReviewHell’s Bells Review

Hell’s Bells is a 1929 Disney short film and the fourth entry in the Silly Symphony series. It is such an interesting, stupendous entry.

I really enjoyed Hell’s Bells. It has a pretty problematic first half in that nothing happens in it and it is all just a giant, prolonged set-up. That really bothered me and the action should have arrived much earlier. But when it arrived, it was fantastic. I found its dark approach really intriguing and that whole chase near the end is fantastic and the film ends in such a satisfying way. I really enjoyed that it had death in it and I loved how it concluded.

What I did not like are its visuals. The animation itself is solid, but I still have a problem with the character designs in these late 20’s Silly Symphonies – they just look too simplistic and totally unappealing. But the music is pretty solid and well utilized with the action on screen and this film is overall one of the finest Silly Symphonies of the time and the most entertaining one for sure.

Hell’s Bells has an inferior first half, but the second one is so good with such a dark approach to it and a really satisfying ending.

My Rating – 4

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