Santa’s Workshop (1932)

Santa's Workshop ReviewSanta’s Workshop Review

 Santa’s Workshop is a 1932 Silly Symphony animated short film by Disney. It is a typical musical, holiday themed Silly Symphony.

Yes, this is typical. Solid, but expected. You have Santa and Christmas accompanied of course by music. But whereas ‘Funny Little Bunnies‘ is also holiday themed but charming and exceptionally animated, Santa’s Workshop unfortunately isn’t. The animation is good, but never great. And it just lacks that essential charm to take it to the next level.

But it has its moments. I liked all of the toys with that Chaplin doll being of course such a great touch. Santa himself is good as are the elves and the music is pretty solid, albeit not great. The presents and the toys themselves are okay, but I still expected more from them and I expected the whole process to be much more involving and charming to watch. Overall, it is a solid, buy highly standard entry in the series.

Santa’s Workshop is solid and has its moments, but it is too typical to be enjoyed more.

 My Rating – 3.5

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