The Practical Pig (1939)

The Practical Pig ReviewThe Practical Pig Review

The Practical Pig is a 1939 Disney short film in the Silly Symphony series. It is the fourth and final film starring the three pigs.

I just loved this final entry in this series. It is so great, so stupendously good that it manages to be even slightly better than its predecessor which is such a great accomplishment. Yes, its plot is at first too similar to the plot in ‘Three Little Wolves‘ and the wolf cubs are once again underutilized, but everything else here is phenomenal with a once again strong score, animation and terrific sound effects.

The plot is great here. And it rounds up wonderfully the messages in the series – the first movie was about hard work, the third was about the dangers of fooling around and this fourth one is about lying and it executed that message in such a powerful way. That ending is not only clever, but also unexpected and simply hilarious. I honestly did not see it coming at all and I loved it. The lie detector is another great contraption from Practical and the pig himself is better than ever before in this entry. The humor is stupendous this time around and this is such a purely entertaining, incredibly well executed entry that is a perfect closing chapter for the series.

The Practical Pig is not only clever and hilarious, but also really well plotted with a great message and excellent score leading to a stupendous last entry in the series.

My Rating – 4.4

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