Shoein’ Hosses (1934)

Shoein' Hosses  Shoein’ Hosses Review

Shoein’ Hosses is a 1934 Popeye the Sailor animated short film that is unfortunately one of the worst of its time.

This short disappointed me immensely as I found its setting interesting and with a solid potential. But it was all just wasted on a typical Popeye plot that is clichéd in every way possible and that never distinguishes itself from its predecessors in any way. The conflict is familiar and the action is not that entertaining.

Yes, the animation is once again really good and the testament of how great the animation was back in the thirties. It is also musically speaking really well done. But the characters aren’t as interesting here and nothing ever happens here that is remotely authentic or involving. It is definitely one of the most uninspired efforts from the series.

Shoein’ Hosses is one of the worse Popeye entries with a clichéd plot and uninteresting characters and action.

My Rating – 3

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