Scalp Trouble (1939)

Scalp Trouble ReviewScalp Trouble Review

Scalp Trouble is a 1939 animated short film from the Looney Tunes series. It is a very amusing, good short.

Daffy Duck is a general here and Porky Pig is a soldier as the troops fight Indians. This is a very interesting new dynamic for the two and I overall loved it even though it seemed odd at first. The film as a whole should have been better and is rarely great, the ending is disappointing and rather typical and Daffy himself is fun, but not as hilarious as he used to be before.

But Porky is very good as the soldier here and that beginning with the two was quite good with the highlight being that gay joke from Daffy which was very well delivered. But the highlight of the entire cartoon is the scene in which one soldier fights Indians and keeps score of how many he killed and when they kill him, he rises from the dead to keep written track of his death and then dies again. That was hilarious and very clever.

Scalp Trouble is a flawed, but very good Daffy/Porky outing with a couple of hilarious, perfectly delivered comedic moments.

My Rating – 4

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