Red-Headed Baby (1931)

 Red-Headed Baby ReviewRed-Headed Baby Review

Red-Headed Baby is a 1931 animated short film from the Merry Melodies series. It is a weak entry.

Red-Headed Baby is notable for being the first ever Merry Melody with no recurring characters, but the characters are rather one-off and new. But here that didn’t work out as these toys are forgettable and I’ve seen this type of story done before and it just isn’t all that amusing anymore.

It is well made and I liked its animation, but the music is even forgettable this time around and the plot I’ve seen before in the Silly Symphonies series and done better. This one is most evidently competently made, but there isn’t anything truly original about it which is unfortunate as the series is usually famous for being authentic.

 Red-Headed Baby is okay, but nothing particularly remarkable and it is familiar in plot.

 My Rating – 3.2

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