Ranking Wallace and Gromit Films List


Ranking Wallace and Gromit Films List

Wallace and Gromit is the series of four short films, one feature film and one spin-off film starring the titular old man and his smart dog pal. This Aardman duo created by Nick Park is one of the best in the history of animation and almost all of these films feature noir-ish atmosphere and approach, superb humor, stunning stop-motion animation and incredibly endearing characters. I am here ranking all six of these films, but five of them are almost of the similar quality as they are all so great so ranking them was tough. Surely they all need to be seen.


6. A Grand Day Out

As the first Wallace and Gromit film, A Grand Day Out features their typical brand of British humor, superb animation and a wonderful story that relies more on adventure instead of mystery this time around. I loved the moon sequences and the emphasis on cheese. However, this is easily the weakest film on this list and the only one which is just good and not great owing to a lack of memorable action, character interactions and dialogue.

A Grand Day Out Review


5. The Curse of the Were-Rabbit

Wallace and Gromit’s only feature film may be placed too low, but that is only because the short films are overall better executed and with more memorable and moody storylines. But this is still a very strong film with a particularly effective spoof of classic horror movies all the while having very good humor and excellent interactions between its wonderful main duo. The animation of course is spectacular in its high attention to detail.

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4. A Matter of Loaf and Death

This short is the series’ last and although it isn’t appreciated as much as the earlier ones, it is just as good as they are, though lacking in suspense a bit. I absolutely loved Piella Bakewell who is such a terrific, fun female villain. The story is very engaging and this is in my opinion the most entertaining film on this list. It also has a couple of very funny lines, mostly by Wallace, and one adorable female dog.

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3. A Close Shave

A Close Shave is the second Oscar winner for the series and overall third for the studio and deservedly so as the film is so great. It features a couple of very dark sequences with the prison scene being particularly heartbreaking. But it is as great as it is mostly thanks to its robotic dog villain who is genuinely creepy, very menacing and overall strong and capable. He posed some serious threat to our lovable protagonists.

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2. Shaun the Sheep Movie

Shaun the Sheep was introduced in the aforementioned film and he almost stole the show there how amusing and endearing he is. It is thus not a surprise that he influenced a TV series and eventually he got himself this Oscar-nominated feature film treatment. The results were more than stellar – the animation is fantastic, the humor is wonderful and the film is such a wonderfully old-fashioned, brilliant slapstick comedy influenced by the style of 1920s silents.

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1. The Wrong Trousers

Of course the first spot goes to this animated classic. The Wrong Trousers is a terrific film which deservedly won an Academy Award. It finds the duo at their best and their relationship is so well put to test here with a couple of heartbreaking as well as heartwarming moments. The film is a terrific mystery/noir experience with one of the best villains in the history of animation – Feathers McGraw. This penguin is incredibly creepy, some scenes here so menacing and he is without a doubt incredibly effective as this deceptively cute, yet smart bad guy. All of these films are mostly great, but this one takes the cake as the best and most unforgettable one.

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