Ranking The Jetsons Characters


Ranking The Jetsons Characters List

The Jetsons does have a bit bigger cast of characters than its 60s counterpart The Flintstones, but it is the much weaker of the two as only a couple are truly great and the rest are either good or downright forgettable. Here is my ranking of all the characters that appear at least in a couple of episodes on this show.


14. Orbitty

Yes, I may be cold-hearted for putting this adorable creature at the bottom of the list, but there is just nothing to it except that it is, as I said, pretty darn cute. Literally nothing is memorable about this pet character and it was quite underutilized on the show. Astro is a much better pet character and thus he gets a pretty high spot on my list.

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13. Mrs. Spacely

Mrs. Spacely serves her purpose as Cosmo’s overbearing wife in terms of storytelling and situational comedy, but she is a stereotypical boring, rich, fat wife with a monotonous voice and uninviting personality. She never really gets anything to do on the show and she was never particularly likable.

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12. Henry Orbit

Now here is the character who gets such a low spot mainly because he was so frustratingly underutilized. But other than that and the fact that he basically disappears in the 80s seasons, he is such an endearing old man and a great friend of the Jetsons family.

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11. Uniblab

Uniblab gets only a couple of episodes, but he does make a pretty solid impression as this H.A.L. 9000 influenced robot who is pretty cold and calculated. I loved George’s constant annoyance at this robot and those episodes were quite funny.

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10. R.U.D.I.

Being George Jetson’s loyal computer, R.U.D.I is another underutilized, highly underused character on the show (you see the pattern here). But he is very endearing and with a particularly memorable, charming design to him.

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9. Mr. Cogswell

Mr. Cogswell is your typical cartoon boss and rival to Mr. Spacely. He never really got more to do here than just be a rival to Cosmo, but he was memorable in that role and sometimes quite competent. Their rivalry was overused, but a lot of fun for the most part.

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8. Judy

As my least favorite member of the Jetsons family, Judy is your typical 60s cartoon teenage girl meaning that her portrayal is rather sexist and stereotypical plus she can be hard to love at times. But she got much better as the series progressed, especially in the eighties, as she got some quality, self-progress episodes there.

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7. Elroy

I also do not care a whole lot for this kid. Elroy is again your typical cartoon kid and although he gets more to do than Pebbles ever did, his adventures went from childlike and sweet to annoying and repetitive pretty quickly. He can be cute and sweet, but for the most part there is nothing more to him.

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6. Jane

Jane is another stereotypical character, this time a wife who is a housewife with her entire job being to take care of the children and the house. But she did have quite a lot of memorable episodes and sometimes she got more to do than just be a housewife which was refreshing whenever it happened. Her relationship with George is very sweet.

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5. Montague Jetson

I absolutely loved this crazy old man. He is an overly active and over-the-top member of the family and seeing the oldest person behave as the youngest one was refreshing, wonderful and quite funny. He was ruined in the 80s episode where he basically portrayed a pervert, but at least before that he was such a lovable, goofy old man.

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4. Astro

Astro is great. Yes, his design and inclusion of a voice got me some time getting used to, but I loved how he was portrayed as a genuine member of the family and, as a dog owner and person myself, that matters to me. He got a great backstory and such a phenomenal relationship with both George and Elroy.

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3. Mr. Spacely

Mr. Spacely is certainly a typical cartoon boss, but a very good one nonetheless. Although his episodes were overplayed a bit too much at times, his relationship with George was awesome and him constantly firing him was the most memorable running gag of the entire show. His rivalry with Cogswell is well established, his marriage issues as well and the highlight was seeing him and George switch their roles in a couple of episodes.

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2. Rosie

Rosie is awesome, there is no denying that. Although shamefully underused in the 60s, at least in the eighties she got a lot more deserved screen time. Her every episode was mostly a big winner, her interactions with the entire family were excellent and her robot love pursues were a lot of a fun. She is a robot, but she does hold the entire family together when you think about it and that was a great choice for the character.

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1. George Jetson

George Jetson is no Fred Flintstone, that’s for sure. And in some instances he may be a copy of Fred. But he was mostly his own character and without a doubt the most memorable and essential character of The Jetsons. Whether as a great husband to Jane or a caring father to Judy, whether as a devoted yet frustrated employee of Cosmo, he is bound to make you laugh and cheer for him and he is the heart and soul of the entire show and undoubtedly the best developed character on it. A definite number one this time around.

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