Quiet Please! (1945)

Quiet Please!Quiet Please! Review

Quiet Please! is a 1945 animated short which is the 22nd Tom and Jerry short and the third consecutive Oscar win for the short series.

Spike the dog warns Tom that he wants to sleep and that the two do not make any more noise. Jerry then provokes Tom in order to wake up Spike. It is a classic formula for the duo that works for the entire running time. It starts off well and it ends on a solid, albeit not that memorable note, but the middle parts are the strongest with superb action on screen and some terrific gags.

Jerry is such a menace here and Tom is really good as well. His speaking annoyed me, but at least it was just for one sentence and that scene is so good. The highlight for me was the sequence in which the cat drugs the dog in such a hilarious, inventive scene that is so funny and just unforgettable. It is a good idea that isn’t perfectly executed, but it is superb for the most part and it definitely deserved its Academy Award.

Quiet Please! is a deserved Oscar winner with superb action, some terrific gags many memorable moments and a highly entertaining and hilarious outcome.

My Rating – 4.2

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