Pup on a Picnic (1955)

Pup on a Picnic ReviewPup on a Picnic Review

Pup on a Picnic is a 1955 animated short that is the 91st Tom and Jerry cartoon. It is a somewhat uninspired, yet quite good episode.

I remember this one from my childhood years and I felt nostalgia watching it. But now unfortunately I could see some of its flaws including the plot which is highly usual for the series and the action which isn’t memorable at all. But despite those flaws, it is still pretty good owing in large part to its ending. I just loved everything about those red ants, especially the excellent sound effects during their march.

Tom is very good here and some of his scenes were awesome. And for once Spike isn’t forgettable as he has his moments as well. Jerry should have been more memorable on the other hand, but most of the players here are good and I liked the picnic theme and that fights and chases revolved around food.

Pup on a Picnic isn’t the most inspired part, but it’s held together by a great ending and a solid use of its setting.

My Rating – 4.1

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