Presto (2008)

PrestoPresto Review

Presto is Pixar’s eleventh short film which was again nominated for the Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film and is one of their best shorts of the 2000s without a doubt.

It is about a magician trying to perform with his rabbit who is willing to take a carrot. The two then fight in a Looney Tunes style execution. The plot is really well done as are the action sequences. It is definitely that old-fashioned style of classic cartoons which I highly appreciated. It was a different approach for a Pixar film and that is great and once again a proof that each of their short films is quite distinct and different from each other. The beginning is also a great throwback to classic shorts and it begins wonderfully, instantly making you interested. It also ends well. But there is one problem I have with it and that’s the gags. They are phenomenal at first, but they quickly wear off and the later scenes are not as entertaining as the previous ones.

The characters are wonderful. Presto the magician is a very well imagined character and is a great counteract to Alec the rabbit who is just hilarious and so sympathetic. His design is somewhat different than other animated rabbits, but his voice is typical for these bunny characters, especially in his hysterical laugh and that was great here.

The animation is really well done. The colors are somewhat toned down which is great for this setting which is once again unique. The design of the characters is as great as usual and it is overall pretty to look at.

Presto is one of the best of the Pixar’s newer shorts with excellent animation, funny characters, charming humor and it is a nice throwback to the classic cartoons of yesterday.


My Rating – 4.2

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