Porky’s Party (1938)

Porky's Party ReviewPorky’s Party Review

Porky’s Party is a 1938 animated short film from the Looney Tunes series. It is a very funny short.

Porky invites his friends to his birthday party and hilarity ensues. This is a simple concept but the execution is so great that it transcends it. I definitely do think that it should have been longer plus it was weird that he did not invite his regular friends instead of those new friends such as a duck and a penguin. That was odd and the characters, although fun, should have been introduced better.

But the gags make this cartoon so great. And there are a lot of quality ones in here. One involves the silkworm who knits clothes for Porky and when he makes a bra, Porky bashfully hides it away. Another one is the dog who is hilarious here. Not only does he get drunk on hair-growth formula but he also uses shaving cream and afterwards Porky and others run away from him thinking that he has rabies. But the most hilarious gag is the one in which the Penguin cuts a small piece from the cake and then takes the larger one and eats it. That was so funny.

Porky’s Party transcends its flaws thanks to a bunch of inventive and incredibly funny gags.

My Rating – 4

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