Porky’s Moving Day (1936)

Porky's Moving Day ReviewPorky’s Moving Day Review

Porky’s Moving Day is a 1936 animated short film from the Looney Tunes series. It is a forgettable film.

I honestly do not know who that cow is. She reminded me of Clarabelle Cow, but she cannot be here as she is a Disney character and this is Warner Brothers. The house reminded me of that house from ‘The Gold Rush’ and the setting was so great and a lot of fun, but her constant screams got on my nerves.

But Porky is reliably good and I liked how the action was executed here. But the score was not that great and the animation is solid, but not up to par with other entries from this period. Porky’s Moving Day should have been much better given the premise and it ended up being flawed.

Porky’s Moving Day is interesting in setting and fun, but annoying in its cow character and far from great.

My Rating – 3.5

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