Porky’s Hero Agency (1937)

Porky's Hero Agency ReviewPorky’s Hero Agency Review

Porky’s Hero Agency is a 1937 animated short film from the Looney Tunes series. It’s a very authentic short.

The story here is quite offbeat. Porky has a dream in which he goes to Ancient Greece and has to escape from being turned into stone. Basically every building and piece of art or architecture in Greece is portrayed as having being alive before and that was so funny and unexpected. I loved the second half as it was both fun and funny.

The first half, on the other hand, is definitely the lesser and less memorable one. And I found the dream structure very familiar and that cartoon structure was very tedious and overused by this point. But I liked the animation and especially the character design which was amazing. Porky Pig is so good here as our stuttering hero in peril and some of his lines are quite amusing.

Porky’s Hero Agency has its problems, but it is mostly a very good film which benefits from such an offbeat premise and execution.

My Rating – 3.9

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