Porky the Fireman (1938)

Porky the Fireman ReviewPorky the Fireman Review

Porky the Fireman is a 1938 animated short film from the Looney Tunes series. It is a weak short.

Porky the Fireman is one of those cartoons that only presents us one situation and that is basically it. Here we got Porky trying to put out the fire and that is literally it. There are almost no villains here and the gags are thoroughly lacking. Except for that racist blackface joke which is more infamous than funny.

The short is well animated and well scored. I liked how that fire flame looked and that was the only nice gag here. To me the film is short and quick in pace and energetic, but never really entertaining as there is not a lot of fun action or humor going on here leading to one of the weaker Looney Tunes from 1938.

Porky the Fireman is well animated and with a fun ending, but weaker action, mostly lacking in gags and not really entertaining.

My Rating – 3.3

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