Porky in Wackyland (1938)

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Porky in Wackyland is a 1938 animated short film from the Looney Tunes series. It is amazing.

Porky in Wackyland is very much influenced by ‘Alice in Wonderland’ and Salvador Dali’s works. It has that weird flavor to it that differentiates it from all of the previous Looney Tunes. Porky arrives in Africa in search of a rare bird worth millions of dollars and experiences all kinds of weird scenarios and characters. The highlight was the ending with such a nice, funny reveal.

But I also really loved that adventurous, mysterious opening of the film as well as some of the hijinks involving the bird itself. The bird is crazy in the vein of Daffy Duck and maybe even crazier in its unhinged behavior. I also loved Porky Pig as he is a great adventurer here. The score is solid but although the gags are strong, they aren’t really hilarious. But other than that, it is truly a phenomenal film with absolutely terrific animation that takes risks and shows what animation can truly accomplish which is anything you can imagine.

Porky in Wackyland is one of the very best Looney Tunes of the 1930s thanks to such a crazy, weird plot and characters with a particularly strong, inventive and imaginative animation.

My Rating – 4.5

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