Blow Me Down! (1933)

Blow Me Down!Blow Me Down! Review

 Blow Me Down! is a 1933 animated short from the Popeye the Sailor series. It is an improvement over its predecessor, but still a flawed one.

Popeye goes into a tavern, gives Olive a bouquet and then Bluto comes in and the two then proceed to fight. The problem with this short is that it is structurally uneven with the first half not being similar both in quality and in plot to the first one. And it is still nowhere near as good as the series is yet to become.

But Popeye is great and his phrase “Oh, yeah” which is repeated here many times is so funny. But Olive is great at the end in that hilarious sequence in which she beats Bluto. The fight scene between Popeye and Bluto is awfully extended, but still so much fun and this is a very funny entry in the series without a doubt. The animation is also really good as is the voice cast of course with William “Billy” Costello being so good in the role of the title character.

Blow Me Down! is uneven and sometimes weakly paced, but it is such a fun short with some hilarious moments, excellent action and overall many memorable moments.

 My Rating – 4.1

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