Let’s You and Him Fight (1934)

Let's You and Him FightLet’s You and Him Fight Review

Let’s You and Him Fight is a 1934 Popeye the Sailor animated short film that is one of the weaker shorts, but the one that still has its moments.

Popeye must fight Bluto in the boxing arena and he keeps losing until Olive gives him spinach. Now, the reason why this was a disappointing short is because the whole first half is so boring and uneventful. It also lacks the energy and humor there and is just pretty mediocre which is why I was disappointed with it immensely.

However, that all changes in its second half which is why it is in the end a solid flick. The reason to see this is definitely Olive who is so funny and this just might be the best use of this character yet. The moment in the ring where she gets exhausted after cheering a lot is just hilarious and she is always funny and amusing. Popeye is also pretty good here and the action near the end gets better and the score of course helps it a lot. I just wished that the first half was as good as the second.

Let’s You and Him Fight is boring and mediocre at first, but gets better later on with some good action and absolutely fantastic Olive who is so funny here.

My Rating – 3.6

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