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Many Tanks ReviewMany Tanks Review

 Many Tanks is a 1942 animated short from Popeye the Sailor series. It is a typical war entry once again.

There is a lot to like here, but again there isn’t a lot really inspired happening in it. For example, the war tone in it is expectedly typical and forgettable. And the use of tanks could have been better plus the film really feels odd in structure as its middle act is way too extended. And it is never at all funny, not to mention hilarious.

But Many Tanks has again good animation and score and it benefits from a really fine use of Bluto and I liked those third and first acts with Bluto taking Olive and then losing her in the end. Popeye’s mumblings are of course pretty amusing as usual and the overall film is as good as these types of entries can get. But the action and humor remain flawed.

Many Tanks is never inspired or funny, but is well made and it features very good beginning and ending.

 My Rating – 3.9

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