Popeye Meets William Tell (1940)

Popeye Meets William Tell ReviewPopeye Meets William Tell Review

 Popeye Meets William Tell is a 1940 animated short from Popeye the Sailor series. It is a weird, yet solid episode.

Let’s first talk about the positive aspects here. Popeye is of course great as he usually is. His lines were the comedic highlights and his action was so good. And he was so likable in this one. I also loved its ending and the smoking bit was a fun gag throughout the whole film. And the film is definitely original and different.

However, it is too different to the point of feeling like it doesn’t belong in this canon. It certainly felt too weird to me. Also, the titular character is so incredibly annoying with a whiny voice and an unsympathetic personality. He ruined the film for me. Others were better, but not particularly memorable.

Popeye Meets William Tell has great Popeye in it and some good humorous bits, but it is too different for this series and the titular character is annoying.

 My Rating – 3.8

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