Dizzy Divers (1935)

Dizzy DiversDizzy Divers Review

 Dizzy Divers is a 1935 animated short in Popeye the Sailor series. It is a unique, albeit flawed entry.

Bluto and Popeye dive and fight underwater while looking for treasure. This cartoon has such a refreshing change in scenery with the underwater imagery being a lot of fun and so well animated with great movements. I also liked how the film was funny with a couple of crazy and wild moves from Popeye that made me laugh. But it isn’t as hilarious as some of the other Popeye shorts.

This flick is way too slow at times and the ending, though a lot of fun, is still illogical as why would Popeye throw half of the treasure in the water. That doesn’t make any sense. But the film has its moments with the action being really well incorporated and at times even inventive and with well used underwater setting. I liked the beginning as well and Bluto-Popeye dynamic is very entertaining here. But it is definitely too flawed to be enjoyed more.

Dizzy Divers does have an unbelievable ending and slow pace, but it also has a great action, some funny moments and a great Bluto-Popeye dynamic.

 My Rating – 4.1

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