Females Is Fickle (1940)

Females Is Fickle ReviewFemales Is Fickle Review

 Females Is Fickle is a 1940 animated short from Popeye the Sailor series. It is a stupendous, hilarious cartoon.

Olive gets a pet fish and he accidentally falls into sea and it is up to Popeye to save him. I found this plot and sea setting refreshing. But the movie hugely benefits from its awesome ending that is one of the finest in recent memory. Popeye saves the fish, but Olive frees him again and Popeye, angry, throws her in the ocean. That was not only satisfying, but simply hilarious too.

The only problem here lies in the underwater sequences. They are intriguing and that transparent fish was such an authentic adversary. But most of those action/chase scenes were still underwhelming and not particularly memorable. But despite that, it is one of the better Popeye shorts of its time as it is very funny and for once uses Olive really well as both of them are superb.

Females Is Fickle is not only funny, but also authentic, so well crafted and brilliant in its ending.

 My Rating – 4.2

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