Plumbing Is a “Pipe” (1938)

Plumbing Is a "Pipe" ReviewPlumbing Is a “Pipe” Review

 Plumbing Is a “Pipe” is a 1938 animated short from Popeye the Sailor series. It is a very good, funny entry.

Olive has a plumbing problem and calls Wimpy for help, but he is late and prolongs the visit for too long leaving Popeye to fix everything. This particular storyline works wonders here as we finally get to see Wimpy used properly. He is absolutely hilarious here and all of his strengths are emphasized. His running gag would be repetitive in other characters’ shoes, but in his place, it is consistently funny and satisfying.

Olive is somewhat forgettable and the fixing in the house can become repetitive, but some scenes are phenomenal including the ending which is really well executed. Popeye is great and I loved how he handled the problem in some inventive ways. The animation is really good and the scenarios are great. Overall, it isn’t perfect, but it is pretty good.

Plumbing Is a “Pipe” is not only great in plot and characters, but also in action and humor as it is really funny and very satisfying.

 My Rating – 4.1

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