Pleased to Meet Cha! (1935)

Pleased to Meet Cha!Pleased to Meet Cha! Review

 Pleased to Meet Cha! is a 1935 animated short from Popeye the Sailor series. It is a very good, if not great entry.

Popeye and Bluto fight for Olive in this cartoon with Popeye eventually winning. Yes, this plot isn’t anything new and the ending should have been more bold, but I still enjoyed this entry very much mainly due to excellent humor and action. Olive is pretty funny here and the moments where she laughs at the misfortune of those two are just hilarious and another reminder of what an awful person she is. But Popeye is also great and Bluto is as well and the two share the best scenes.

The action is surprisingly good here. By doing the fighting through tricks, they made the fights a lot more entertaining and fun. And they are truly so fun to watch. But the humor is superb as I said and those two are the highlights here. It is a typical story, but the one executed in such a fantastic way with every scene being excellent and not one being wasted.

Pleased to Meet Cha! is nothing new, but still a lot of fun due to both fantastic action and humor and with a couple of hilarious moments.

 My Rating – 4.3

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