Let’s Get Movin’ (1936)

Let's Get Movin'Let’s Get Movin’ Review

 Let’s Get Movin’ is a 1936 animated short from  series. It is one of the fastest shorts in the series.

Olive is moving and she gets Bluto to do the job believing he is strong. But Popeye wants to prove that he is stronger. The premise itself is ripe for Popeye the Sailor series and although it does play it safe and is problematically paced, I still liked that fast pace near the end. The entire third act is so frenetic and so incredibly fast that it is quite unforgettable. And I enjoyed that quite a bit and I wish more entries were that fast in action as the action here is all the better for it.

The fights are great, the voices are phenomenal and Olive is absolutely fantastic with her obsession with strong men being hilarious. In fact, this is her best episode in a long time. Bluto is very good, but Popeye is another highlight as his talk here is frequently amusing. The score is also great and the film is exhilarating to watch. It is such an entertaining entry that is funny as well.

Let’s Get Movin’ holds the distinction of being the fastest Popeye short to this date, but it is funny and very entertaining too.

 My Rating – 4.3

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