Bridge Ahoy! (1936)

Bridge Ahoy! ReviewBridge Ahoy! Review

 Bridge Ahoy! is a 1936 animated short from Popeye the Sailor series. It is one of the best and most hilarious Popeye shorts.

I loved this entry as it is absolutely magnificent. In fact, it is the best Popeye short in years, there is no doubt about it. Everything here works from the action to the humor to the characters. It has a great setting and the bridge is used to its fullest extent. I also loved the animation and its score as well. And it is without a doubt one of the funniest Popeye cartoons and the scene in which Wimpy chooses to get mustard instead of helping Popeye is one of the funniest scenes ever in the series. And I still do not understand why they don’t use his character more often as he is hilarious whenever he is on screen.

But it also has Bluto tickling Olive in a really phenomenal scene and that whole middle section as well as the ending is so good and even unique as Popeye takes more than one can of spinach which is highly unusual. All of the characters are well utilized and the action is excellent. The only flaw here is the beginning which is very subpar and too dialogue-driven, but the rest of the picture is terrific leading to one of the best Popeye shorts in recent memory.

Bridge Ahoy! is one of the best and funniest Popeye cartoons with many absolutely hysterical moments, well utilized characters and superb action.

 My Rating – 4.4

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