Plane Dippy (1936)

Plane Dippy ReviewPlane Dippy Review

Plane Dippy is a 1936 animated short film from the Looney Tunes series. It is a pretty good, but not great short.

This is the second Porky Pig film and by that I mean that he is the star and not just a supporting character. But it fails in comparison to ‘The Blow Out’ as it isn’t as funny and it doesn’t focus on him solely. Beans’ inclusion wasn’t all that memorable in my opinion and the same goes for the other characters and the entire second half.

Whereas I really liked the first half, the second one with the plane fight was interesting, but too long and not as funny as it should have been. But Porky is excellent and here we first see the mention of his name and we even get his full name in hilarious fashion. That introduction scene with the stuttering stole the show for sure.

Plane Dippy is definitely fun and sometimes funny, but not as funny or as memorable as it should have been.

My Rating – 3.9

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