Plane Crazy (1929)

Plane Crazy ReviewPlane Crazy Review

Plane Crazy is a 1929 Mickey Mouse cartoon. It is such a fun film.

Here Mickey takes Minnie for a ride on his plane and he flies it so badly that she gets frustrated with him and literally leaves the plane midair. That was hilarious and another funny moment was the ending of course with such a good magnet gag. The film isn’t quite on par with the previous entries such as ‘The Barn Dance’ as some of its animation was odd and the first half isn’t as entertaining, but the second half is great enough that it succeeds as a pretty good entry overall.

The animation is interesting for featuring some very chaotic camera movements and that was fitting given how bad Mickey was in driving this plane. I liked the film visually and the score is good, but the highlights are Mickey and Minnie’s relationship and of course many great gags.

Plane Crazy is so funny featuring many great gags while also giving us interesting animation and cinematography.

My Rating – 4

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