Pitch Perfect (2012)

Pitch Perfect

Pitch Perfect  Review

Pitch Perfect is a 2012 musical comedy film directed by Jason Moore and starring Anna Kendrick. It is one of the most popular musicals of the decade and it even spawned a sequel.

It follows a college girl’s a cappella group as they compete with another male group for the win. The plot is a major reason why this movie quickly collapses. It is such a cliche of a story that I could not believe how cliched it was. But not that evident happy ending and overall familiar plot got on my nerves that much. What frustrated me the most is the structure. It is literally filled with expected plot turn after an expected plot point and that is the whole movie. You can predict everything within a second and you get it delivered in the most expected way possible. It is even worse than ‘Avatar’ in that regard. It is so formulaic and following that tired formula that I cannot understand how anyone can say that this is a great movie.

But the characters and the humor make up for the plot in a great fashion. The protagonist Beca is a likable and realistic character, although she can get too annoying at times with her cocky attitude. Fat Amy is hilarious with her behavior and Cynthia is the funniest character here without a doubt. They wonderfully introduced a lesbian with her character and the way she grabbed everyone is so hilarious and the highlight when humor is concerned. Lilly is an Asian stereotype just as Aubrey is an uptight walking stereotype and I disliked those two the most. Skylar is great as Beca’s boyfriend. He is not only good-looking and likable but I also liked his interest in film and the relationship and dialogue between the two was typical, but still sweet.

The acting is really good. Everyone did a really nice job. Jesse Swanson is fine and Elizabeth Banks is funny as always. But Anna Kendrick is the highlight here naturally and she once again proves that she is best used in musicals as her singing abilities are fantastic. I am still puzzled at why Disney did not hire her still for their musicals. She was in ‘Into the Woods‘, but I want more from her as she is perfect for those roles and so likable.

I liked the humor in this film. It is expected at times, but it is mostly good with its fair share of hilarious sequences. It is technically not great. The directing is weak and the photography was so-so with too garish colors. The music was really good and I liked almost all of the songs featured here, but they did not mesh as well at times and were often repetitive. The pacing is also problematic as this movie should have had much shorter running time. The dialogue is mostly cliched, but the dialogue between the romantic duo is solid and I also liked their chemistry and their romance was sweet, if predictable. The movie has a heart, but it is way too predictable to be enjoyed on a grander scale. I enjoyed it to some degree, but it is still way too cliched and just familiar and stereotypical.

Pitch Perfect has fine acting with Anna Kendrick being the highlight, it has good music, the humor is a standout with many hilarious moments and the characters are likable, but those characters are also stereotypical and some even annoying, it is not a well directed nor a well paced movie and the plot is so tired with not only a predictable outcome but also with literally an expected plot point after a plot point. It is an enjoyable movie, but is way too cliched to be enjoyed on a grander scale.

My Rating – 3

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